• From mastering in 4k to 1080p, from HD to SD, (we know many different, mastering formats & codecs very well).

  • Shipment and professional packet delivery across any range or formats via any range of delivery systems.

  • Streaming across networks, closed or open.

  • Digital systems or every kind, offline or online.

  • Projection streaming and mixing.

  • Live mix and packet delivery.

  • International live feeds and streaming.

  • Film pitch, treatment, negotiation with actors and directors (we have direct links to many bankable stars).

  • Negotiation with cast / agents.

  • Project consulting to LOI or final attachment.

  • Consultation to “Green light" to presenting to major film studios (first pitch or to negotiation to collaboration).

  • Representation and documentation to film councils and independent financiers as well as soft funders.

  • Production / Direction from development through to post-production (see editing services opposite).

  • Direction and Pre-Production.

  • Design and Consultation.

  • Film Production and Planning.

  • Pre-Production Development.

  • Line Management. Location and General Management.

  • Sales and distribution and consulting and advising.

  • HD and SD editing facilities.

  • Colour grading and syncing

  • Music and sound, FX and animation.

  • Titling, idents and front end design. Graphics, art and CGI.

  • Trailers, Mood Trailers.

  • Commerical editing and lip sync.

  • Short and Feature editing.

  • Multi-langauage  and close caption.

Working with our film production division we offer a range of film or viral campaign services
to compliment a marketing spend and to offer a vital edge to the marketing or promotion campaign.
Our production company is run by experienced producers who have been working in film for 30 years.